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File Specificiations Guide

All business card files submitted must use the specifications below or your final product may not meet your expectations.


  • Layout

    • Trim size of 3.5” x 2”

    • Critical text and images 1/8” inside of trim

    • No borders thinner or closer than 1/8” to trim


  • 1/16” where needed

Color model for all placed images and art

  • CMYK

  • No embedded profile

  • No ICC tagged images

Resolution for placed images

  • 300dpi @ 100% final size

PDF Specifications

    • Acrobat Press Quality or PDF/X1a

    • All fonts embedded

    • Embedded images should be CMYK, 300dpi

    • Spot colors should be converted to CMYK

    • All transparencies flattened (see below)

    Open the document in Acrobat and navigate to the Advanced Menu
    > Print Production
    > Flattener Preview.
    Use the High Resolution preset, and make sure the Raster/Vector Balance is set to 100% (all vector).
    Ensure that "All pages in document" is selected, and then click “Apply.”

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